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Whitney McVeigh

b. New York City, 1968

Whitney McVeigh is an American artist living and working in London. Her work explores the psychological and physical aspects that underlie and define us as humans. Concerned with reinvention, she uses found objects, including books and old ledgers and creates large paintings embodying a sense of time and human imprint.

She travelled to Kyrgyzstan with the BBC to research and direct two short films for television about artists in the region.  Her most recent film 'Birth': Origins at the end of life debuted at Contours , her first solo with Hazard gallery. McVeigh’s film looks at universal and fundamental themes of birth and death and emphasizes the importance of oral histories within communities to uncover wider truths.

McVeigh is an accomplished artist who has held residencies in India, Mexico, China and most recently at the Nirox Foundation in South Africa. She has held solo exhibitions at Summerhall, Edinburgh; House of St Barnabas, London; David Krut Projects, New York; and with the Gervasuti Foundation, 55th Venice Biennale.

Whitney McVeigh

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