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Stephan Erasmus | Broken Text


8 October - 1 November

Public opening: 11 November

Artist talk & walkabout: 12pm Sunday 18 October


In this exhibition entitled “Broken Text” Stephan Erasmus returns to the act of writing sorrowful love letters to a muse.


Erasmus’ long established practice of sampling text from various sources (sorrowful love songs, poetry and other bodies of text) is made more personal in “Broken Text”. Here Erasmus generates the text himself as love letters written to a muse. As these letters/bodies of text are constructed, Erasmus explores not only the idealised idea of the muse but also the aspect of the muse as the Siren. Familiar ideas of duality surrounding the muse and siren are pushed to the foreground through the fractured nature of the text.


For Erasmus “the text in its original form as an intimate letter written to a muse is only the first aspect of my relationship with the muse. As with most creative acts the idea of doubt amplified by the softly whispering siren becomes an obstruction. This obstruction causes the encryption process to mimic the process of building a puzzle with no clear key or indication in where to put each puzzle piece”.


Stephan Erasmus has been a practicing artist for more than 20 years and has gained experience the gallery industry by working in a wide variety of galleries that includes municipal, commercial and corporate galleries.

Through his experience in the art world he has honed his skill as an educator, curator and as an artist.

In his artistic career he has established himself as a recognised artist represented in corporate, university, museum and private collections locally and internationally.


He is also one of the founding members of the Dead Bunny Society


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