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Trevor Stuurman | HOME 


Opening: Saturday 26th August, 11am

Exhibition runs until 24th September


HAZARD is proud to announce an exhibition of new works by celebrated photographer, Trevor Stuurman - his first solo exhibition at a gallery.


"HOME brings together photographic works of OviHimba women and Ndebele initiates. It reimagines aspects of how the black body has been portrayed in Africa, speaks to our bodies as unfamiliar spaces even though it is the only ‘home’ we truly know from birth and thus consequently explores ideas of home and the self.”


It is through these documentary photographs taken in Swakopmund, Namibia and KwaNdebele, that Stuurman attempts to interrogate ideas of home through the exploration of ‘cultures/traditions’ that he has experienced of the OviHimba women and the Ndebele Amasokana initiation ceremony. 


In juxtaposing the male and female form, the photographs look at how they occupy their ‘bodily homes’, the hyper sexualisation of the female form and through what gaze do we view the male body in relation to this. The exhibition looks at what it is the OviHimba women and the Ndebele initiates are doing, through the use of varied forms of adornment and self-expression to solidify their identity, sense of self and home.


"By grouping OviHimba women together in an exhibition with Ndebele initiates - what may seem to be two contrasting contexts and experiences - this project does not assume that their experiences or that their intent in doing what they do is similar, but rather to consider how difference, perhaps, might be seen as a powerful and uniting factor. And that it is in relating what one might deem as disparate, that one perhaps gets to see and experience more than they would have if it were an interrogation of the singular.”


Exhibition partner: Kholisa Thomas Art Advisory

Exhibition opening sponsored by Absolut Elyx

Home | C -print on Cotton Rag paper

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