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Jean Du Plessis | The Idea of Constant Change


Private view: 19 May 6-8pm

Exhibition continues: 20 May - 19 June


Hazard Gallery is proud to present Cape Town based artist

Jean du Plessis’ first solo show in Johannesburg.


The artist was born in Stellenbosch into a family well-versed in the arts. This early influence, followed by 10 years in Italy surrounded by like-minded creatives, made a deep impression, and directly informed this body of work, entitled The Idea of Constant Change.


Du Plessis encourages individual interpretation, despite the pieces being inspired by personal experiences. Bold, large-scale mixed-media works, largely monochromatic, using oil, acrylic and gypsum plaster, walk the line between order and chaos.


Within his limited palette, the works have complexity and depth, offset powerfully by his spontaneous Abstract Expressionist mark-making.


"I am fascinated with the beauty that arises when things are damaged or decayed. I celebrate the process of damage as a way of reveling the inner life of the given material in my art."






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