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HAZARD Projects | December 2017 - January 2018

Marc Edwards is a Johannesburg based artist and educator working in multiple medium. He uses drawing, collage, painting, sculpture and installation to raise questions of art and technology today. These mediums are used as process with particular interest in what it is to be more human in a digitally converged world. He uses found and made images of contested landscape and body, often using the absurd to represent issues of a strange and complex time, where paradoxes of capitalism calls for more empathy. 

In his work he questions ways of transforming negative forces, memory, and experiences from history. These traces of experience and process are in turn, ways of finding a form of solidarity and embodiment. 

The title Drinking water questions and suggests a condition of our being, where industrial chemical pollutants have contaminated the environment as Michelle Murphy (2016) suggests, we are enmeshed in these chemical infrastructures. A form of embodiment and an exploration of the post human.

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