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Sophia Van Wyk

b. Pietermaritzburg, 1981

In 2003 Sophia Van Wyk completed her Bachelor of Art in Fine Art degree at the University of Stellenbosch and in 2015 she graduated from her Masters in Fine Art, specialising in sculpture, from the University of Johannesburg. Van Wyk also holds qualifications in furniture making, specialising in wood machining and cabinet making.


Van Wyk combines second-hand furniture with biomorphic forms to convey a sense of tension and disruption to explore gendered aspects of her cultural identity as an Afrikaner woman in contemporary South Africa.


Through these abstract sculptural and painted shapes and the interaction between the forms and the domestic objects, she examines her interaction with the world and her personal history and memories.


She presented her first two solo exhibitions in 2015 at the FADA Gallery and Hazard Gallery in Johannesburg. Van Wyk will exhibit new works at her second solo show with Hazard Gallery this October.

Koffie Breek (Coffee Break)

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