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Bianca Bondi

b. Johannesburg, 1986

Bianca Bondi started her undergraduate degree at WITS University before moving to France and studying up until masters level at l’Ecole National Superior d’Art de Paris-Cergy.


Bondi has participated in a two week digital residency called Floating Reverie in South Africa and she has spent time in Bandjoun station in Cameroon. Bondi is currently a resident at La Villa Belle in Paris and in 2017 she will occupy residency at Les Ateliers des Arques.

She creates large-scale installations that change state throughout the duration of their exhibition lending her work elements of fragility and transience. Bondi describes herself as a materialist and her upcoming work will explore this further by combining natural or manmade physical remnants with raw substances and chemicals.

Bondi will also explore the properties that various cultures ascribe to physical materials and how these beliefs exist, translate and dialogue with contemporary life.

Fountain Fragment

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